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Lake Erie Fishing 2008

The group caught 100 Walleye during the week of 12-19 April.  The average size of walleye was 26 inches.  Six fish were 30 inches and over, 15 were 29 inches or over and 30 fish were over 28 inches.  The smallest fish caught were 22 inches long.  Over 500 lbs. of Walleye were caught.     Fifteen fish went in the freezer to get mounted at the taxidermist’s, Fourteen Walleye and one 19 ½ inch Smallmouth Bass.

The main lure used was a Reef Runner with the following colors:  Trout, Grey Ghost, Erie Ghobe, Chrome Blue, Lime, Orange, Parrot, White and Pink Lemonade.  Some Walleye Runners and jointed Walleye Runners were also used.  The main depth varied from 29 to 34 foot of water.  We were constantly changing speeds between 0.8 and 2.0 MPH just off the reefs and on the flats a ways off the reefs.  We let out between 85 and 120 foot of 10 pound fishing line.  The water temperature started out at about 42 degrees and when we left it was 48 degrees.  The surface water temp did get up to 55 degrees in the afternoon when the sun was shining.  Fishing between Sugar and Middle Bass Island and northeast of Rattle Snake Island was the most productive.  

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