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Lake Erie Fishing 2009

12 guys with 4 boats went to Lake Erie for 2009.  The most productive area to fish was about 4 miles straight east of Middle Bass Island over to Middle Island which is right next to the Canadian border.  The depth averaged about 35 foot and the water temp started out at about 43 degrees.  The surface temp reached about 58 degrees on the last day.  Close to the same area is a reef called Gull Island Shoal which was also productive.  Any kind of a Reef Runner with black and gold on it was the color of choice and most of the fish were suspended between 15 and 25 feet.  We were feeding out an average of 95-115 feet of 10 lb. monofilament line with speeds ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 mph.  Kevin caught the biggest walleye at 31 inches.  Seven fish over 27 inches were caught and a lot of 24 and 25 inchers.  The smaller of the fish were 22 inches.  No fish were caught on Saturday, Sunday or Wednesday because of the rainy and windy weather and only seven fish were caught on Monday and Tuesday because of nasty weather and muddy water.  When the weather finally turned out good and the sun shined on Thursday and Friday the group caught 47 more nice Walleye.

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