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Lake Erie Fishing 2016

The 2016 trip, we drove through a winter snow storm the whole route.  That major cold front also brought in the wind from the northwest for a majority of the fishing trip.  The cold northwest wind made fishing tough, allowing minimal days of getting full limits.  Between 10-17 April we caught 45 fish with 17 walleye between 28 and 30 ½ inches.  The fishing was very inconsistent from day to day.  Boat trolling speeds ranged from .9 to 2.0 MPH.  Purple and Pink Reef Runners were the most productive lures followed by Down Deep Husky Jerks.  Walleye Bandits and Perfect 10 lures were also used.  We fished near North Bass, Middle Bass, Rattlesnake, and Green Island.  Most of the fishing areas had stained water with the surface temperature starting at 40.5 degrees and went up only 1 or 2 degrees throughout the day.  The water depth varied from 32-35 foot deep.  We caught fish ranging from 70-140 foot of 10 lb. monofilament line out.  The fish we caught were suspended between 14 to 26 feet.

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