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Lake Erie Fishing 2013

21-29 April 2013, 2 groups in Cabin 3, Kit, Gary, and Bill in group 1 and Lloyd, Monte, and Dave in the 2nd group.  Lime, Gator Bait, Red Headed Wonder Bread, Cheap Sunglasses and Gold Reef Runners were the hot lures.  The most productive speeds were stop and go at .8 to 1.8 mph and S turning along with a steady 1.6 mph on the last day.  The most productive fishing was near West Reef just off of North Bass Island in 29 to 34 foot of water with 120 to 150 foot of 10 lb monofilament line out.  We first got on the water Monday afternoon with a total of 7 fish between the two boats.  Tuesday Kit’s boat came in with a limit and Monte’s boat didn't fare as well.  We were blown off the water for two days on Wednesday and Thursday.  We were able to get back on the water Friday with both boats coming in with a limit of Walleye averaging around 27 to 28 inches.  Saturday both boats came in with limits of nice Walleye with the smallest measuring 23 inches and the largest ones were 31 inches.  Sunday morning Kit, Gary and Bill headed for South Dakota and Lloyd, Monte and Dave fished from 6:30 to 10:00 and had three Walleye in the boat before getting all the lines in the water and ended up with 10 fish and the largest weighing 11 pounds and measuring 31 inches.  Early morning bites seemed to be very productive.  For a week of fishing a total of 81 fish were caught and 5 fish were sent to the taxidermist.

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