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Lake Erie Fishing 2014

When we arrived at Lake Erie we started fishing near F and G can using purple and pink reef runners with 60 to 90 foot of line out and caught a few nice fish.  The Walleye were suspended this year quite a bit more than former years.  The third day we woke up to 27 degrees and three inches of snow, so no one made it to the water that day.  The next day after the cold front there was ice on the boat ramp when we launched the boats and it did warm up throughout the day.  We moved a few miles north near D can and Niagara Reef for the next few days switching to Husky Jerks.  Pink, Black & Gold, Chartreuse and Trout colored Husky Jerks with 70 foot of line out trolling around .8 to 2.0 MPH was the most productive with some nice fish also caught on reef runners and Dakota lures.  The last two days were near Rattle Snake and Green Island trolling at a steady 1.5 MPH.  We caught our limits on the last five days with each day getting better.  On the last day we had the boat loaded on the trailer with a limit by 10:00 AM.  Several daily limits of twelve walleye weighing between 85 to 95 lbs were recorded.  Randy’s boat with a 16 fish limit had a one day catch weighing well over 100 lbs.  We caught over 500 lbs. of Walleye this year in our boat alone with more than 30 fish measuring over 28 inches.  The water temperature was between 42 and 48 degrees.  Kit and Donny caught the longest Walleye, each over 32 inches.  11 Walleye were mounted.

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